Electromagnetic compatibility: a challenge for manufacturers

2023-06-12T16:50:57+02:0020 Feb 2022|

EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is a critical issue when developing a new product as it has to comply with demanding mandatory standards for the product to be marketed in Europe (CE marking).

The problem is that when the whole system is tested negative, it is often very difficult to trace the problem back to its origin […]

E-bikes : between growth and diversification, an expanding market.

2023-06-12T16:39:42+02:002 Feb 2022|

In 10 years, the demand for electrically assisted bicycles (e-bikes) has risen sharply, as has the number of companies specialising in the sector.

Thus, on the users’ side, it is difficult to make a choice among all the models of e-bikes now available, which is why manufacturers are increasingly diversifying their bikes or betting on quality. […]

Things to consider when choosing your outdoor screen

2023-06-12T16:53:27+02:0024 Feb 2020|

It is very common nowadays to come across a touch screen outdoors, whether it is on the charging stations of electric cars or self-service bicycles, parking meters or car park entrances. However, it is often forgotten that a display of this type outdoors can easily be damaged and worn, whether it is due to weather or human issues leading to a bad customer experience. It is therefore important to identify these potential problems in advance in order to choose a more viable quality display.

A new graphic module with integrated HMI and EMC certification

2023-06-12T17:02:51+02:0028 May 2013|

Building on the success of its HMI boards since 2009, Clairitec® has capitalized on its advanced know-how in the design of graphic solutions to expand its product range. With this came the “Intelligent Display” - a plug & play graphic display module, which is the result of the ambition of the company and its vision of the market. The Intelligent Display is a graphic display module that combines HMI board technology (hardware, software and graphics) with a 7" WVGA TFT display.

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