The “100,000 charging stations target” the government’s response to boost electric vehicles

In the midst of the health and economic crisis, the DBT Group, a leader in electric vehicle charging station, has announced that they will be in a position to achieve revenues of 30 million euros by 2025. This objective is directly linked to the decision of the French Ministry of Transport and the Ecological Transition of October 12, 2020, to install 100,000 charging stations in France by the end of 2021. This announcement highlights the dynamism of the electric vehicle charging station sector despite the current economic trend.

“The 100,000 charging stations target” is the boost for electric recharging points in France,” which as been announced by the Minister of Energy Transition and the Minister of Transport in the company of players in the automotive, highway, energy and mass retail sectors last October. To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, the government is committed to helping manufacturers deploy charging infrastructures for electric vehicles in the country.

Companies wishing to install charging stations will be able to receive up to €9,000 in subsidies through the ADVENIR program created in 2016 to encourage the installation of private or public charging points.

Funding for the renovation and improvement of charging stations already installed is also planned to make them interoperable, in particular to make them easier to use for electric vehicle drivers.

The gouvernement is also planning a €100M envelope to speed up the installation of fast charging points at all highway parking areas by the end of 2021.

From the point of view of private individuals, several measures encouraging the purchase of electric cars have been added to those already in place:

  • bonus for the acquisition of second-hand vehicles ;
  • restriction of the number of cars eligible for the conversion bonus ;
  • introduction of state-guaranteed micro-credits.

With 32,000 charging stations currently in place in France, the government aims to further motivate companies and private individuals to invest in electric vehicle charging stations and thus accelerate the energy transition.

It is therefore a new challenge and an extraordinary opportunity for manufacturers to conquer the charging infrastructure sector, which is currently booming.

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