A key element in a display solution for industrial machines, the HMI board (graphics board) enables interaction between users and the machine via a display.

This article highlights the importance of such an HMI board in an industrial display system, as well as the advantages it offers in terms of performance and personalisation.

What are the different elements of a display solution for industrial machinery?

The industrial display

An industrial display, also known as an industrial screen, is a device used in industry to display important information and data in real time.

These displays are used in a variety of applications, such as production process supervision, machine control, facilities management, environmental monitoring, etc. They are often integrated into control and monitoring systems to give operators and technicians easy access to the data essential to their work.

This type of display is characterised by its robustness and reliability. These displays are capable of operating continuously in sometimes harsh environments without failure or damage. They also offer optimum legibility thanks to high-quality screens and backlighting options adapted to different lighting environments.

Industrial displays can display a variety of information:

  • Graphs
  • Data tables
  •  Production reports
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

And other information relevant to monitoring and managing industrial processes.

Depending on the specific needs of each application, industrial displays may require a touch screen, which means integrating an HMI card to manage interaction between users and the display: collecting information and transmitting it reliably.

The HMI board

An HMI (Human Machine Interface) board is an electronic device used in many systems to allow users to interact with a machine or device via a screen. It is generally a printed circuit board (PCB) incorporating components such as microcontrollers, sensors and connectors.

For the interaction between the user and the display to work, the HMI board is coupled to a programming board (also known as a calculator), which manages the inputs and outputs via an intuitive, personalised interface. This system allows users to enter commands on the machine and receive a visual or auditory response.

The use of an HMI card combined with an appropriate display can be very useful in an industrial environment, because of the large amount of information and data that the machines process. It enables direct contact to be established between the machines and the users, giving them continuous control over their operation.

Tailor-made display solutions for industrial machines. Discuss with an expert

The importance of an HMI board in a display solution for industrial machinery

The HMI board will improve the productivity of users of an industrial machine. This can be seen on two levels.

Optimised performance

The HMI board ensures optimum performance of the industrial display. Thanks to its intelligent design (software) and high-quality components (hardware), it enables precise signal management, rapid data conversion and smooth display updating. This performance translates into a clear and precise display of information, essential in industrial environments where data speed and reliability are crucial.

In the industrial context, the HMI board also plays a decisive role in machine control and monitoring, by relaying information on its temperature and operating status, for example.

Greater flexibility and personalisation

The on-board graphics card offers flexibility and a wide range of customisation options. It enables the specific requirements of each application to be met, whether in terms of display formats, communication protocols or data processing capabilities. Thanks to this flexibility, the displays can be easily integrated into different industrial systems, offering a tailor-made solution for every need.

Thanks to this card, it is possible to create a multitude of tailor-made interfaces fully adapted to working habits in the industrial sector:

  • Interfaces for monitoring industrial production
  • Interfaces for validating industrial production
  • Interfaces for user assistance
  • Machine control and parameter-setting interfaces

The customisation offered by HMI boards enables Clairitec to support manufacturers and equipment suppliers in each of their projects, in order to meet the most demanding technical and aesthetic requirements.

With 25 years’ experience in electronics, our engineers and technicians design HMI boards and industrial displays tailored to your needs.

The HMI boards produced by Clairitec are custom-designed with a compliance rate of 99.99%. Thanks to an intelligent design and a well thought-out UX design, they create an interactive and intuitive HMI that is easy to use.

Clairitec’s HMI boards and industrial displays incorporate high quality components, providing manufacturers with a guarantee of quality and smooth operation over the long term.

Clairitec is the ideal supplier for high-performance, secure and innovative display solutions for industrial machines at competitive prices.

All solutions produced by Clairitec are designed and manufactured in France to guarantee premium quality for every application.

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