Electrically Assisted Bikes (EAB) displays

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A fully customisable display to fit your bikes

From entry-level to high-end displays, we tailor our displays to your needs.

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Multiple interfaces and connectivity options

Compatibilité avec batterie et moteur
Autre options

Battery and motor compatibility

  • Power supply voltage
  • Recovery of battery charge data, speed, assistance level…
  • Compatibility with all protocols (e.g. CAN, ANT+…)


  • Sending and receiving information to/from smartphone application (e.g. GPS guidance, incoming call, unlocking, software update…)

Other options

  • Autonomous tracker in case of theft
  • 4G / NFC …
  • Or any other electronic development on demand

Casing, integration and environment

Option 1

You already have an enclosure for the display

Integration by Clairitec of our display in your already designed box


Delivery of our display without casing and advice on how to integrate it into your product

Option 2

You want a custom-made box

On request, we can also design and manufacture a customised box to provide you with the complete product ready for integration:

  • Overall appearance

  • Touchscreen / integrated buttons / remote buttons / trigger…

  • Integration of a USB-C for smartphone charging,

  • Frame attachment system,

  • Sealing constraints

  • Choice of mould according to the quantities to be manufactured

Possibility to pass environmental tests and/or standards of your choice: EMC for CE marking, vibrations, shocks, RED in case of connectivity…

An example of our electric bike display references: COLEEN

VAE vélo à assistance électrique clairitec afficheurs Coleen


  • Display identification
  • Development of the autonomous display card

  • Management and adjustment of assistance levels by (digital) potentiometer connected to the motor controller

  • Development of the CAN bus protocol

Discover our partner COLEEN


  • 3,2 ‘’ 800×480 pixels

  • Transflective technology (low power consumption)

  • Very high contrast

Voir notre partenaire COLEEN

Do you want to develop a Smart Display for your bikes?

From customisation of our products to bespoke development, contact us to discuss your project.

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