It is very common nowadays to come across an outdoor touch screen, whether it is on the charging stations of electric cars or self-service bicycles, parking meters or car park entrances.
However, it is often forgotten that a display of this type outdoors can easily be damaged and worn, whether it is due to weather or human issues leading to a bad customer experience. It is therefore important to identify these potential problems in advance in order to choose a more viable quality display.

Outdoor touch screen and brightness

Outdoor necessarily means sunshine and therefore reflections on the display that can hamper the readability of the screen. With time and wear and tear, the colour of the display can also yellow and further dull the clarity. The optical bonding of a protective glass to the screen greatly improves its brightness and contrast and is a good solution to these readability problems. It is also possible to add an anti-UV coating against yellowing of the outer screen, thus increasing its life span.


The impact and weather resistance of outdoor touch screen

Another problem when choosing an outdoor screen is rain and condensation, two factors that can, like the sun, deteriorate the user experience. For this reason, it is wise to choose a touch panel specifically adapted to water and designed to avoid untimely support generated by drops on the screen. The display will not be damaged over time and the customer will still be able to use the outdoor display even if it is wet.
Another problem is the external shocks (human or other) that can be suffered by your outdoor infrastructure through vandalism for example. For this, opting for a tempered glass screen that is resistant to an IK09 index (equivalent to the impact of a 5kg mass falling from a height of 200mm.), or even IK10, proves to be the only option available to avoid any damage.

In conclusion, even if we don’t necessarily think about all these issues when integrating an outoor screen into our system, these points quickly prove to be decisive for the customer experience but also for the lifetime of the device. Points to keep in mind the next time you integrate a display into your charging stations or other outdoor installations.

Clairitec®, with its 20 years of experience in graphic displays, can help you overcome these constraints. Thanks to our resistant IK09 display, equipped with its 4mm tempered glass, its touch panel specifically designed against rain (and the anti-UV option available) and its associated HMI solution, all these restrictive issues will no longer be a problem.

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