Clairitec® continues its innovation strategy with the launch of the GraphLight HMI board

Responding to the growing market demand for displays offering VGA (640×480) or lower resolution, Clairitec® has decided to evolve its HMI design solution offering with a new GraphLight HMI board.

Clairitec®’s HMI solution enables the development and integration of fully customised touch and graphic interfaces in less than 4 weeks from the customer’s business application. This technological innovation has the advantage of greatly reducing the costs and time involved in developing an HMI.

A new GraphLight HMI board optimised for resolutions below VGA

The objective of this new version is to offer a GraphLight HMI card that functions in exactly the same way and offers the same characteristics as SpiderGraph, while being further optimised for displaying on a resolution lower than or equal to VGA.

By removing the hardware elements not required for low resolution display, changing the microprocessor and optimizing the electronic architecture, the new GraphLight offers two major advantages:

  • A very large reduction in cost compared to the original card.
  • A division of its physical size and footprint by two.

An innovation with a beneficial impact on the Intelligent Display

All Intelligent Display models are equipped with an HMI board. This innovation directly benefits the 4.3” WQVGA (480×272) resolution graphics display module, whose SpiderGraph HMI card will be replaced by the new GraphLight.

This new card has been greatly reduced in size and can now be easily integrated into the small chassis of the 4.3″ module. In addition, the cost of the module will also be greatly reduced.

With this GraphLight model, Clairitec®’s graphics offering in the small diagonal range becomes even more competitive in a rapidly growing market. The GraphLight card sold in series and the 4.3” and 3.5” Intelligent Display will thus be offered at a very aggressive price for an application whose resolution is lower than VGA.