Clairitec, a constantly evolving HMI solution

Clairitec carries on its innovation strategy by launching a new version of HMI board.
Meeting the demand of a growing market for displays with a VGA resolution (640×480) or below, Clairitec has decided to evolve its offer of solutions for HMI design in order to remain perfectly consistent with the requirements of industrial customers.

Clairitec’s HMI solution enables the development and integration of fully custom graphical and touch interfaces in less than 4 weeks from the customer’s business application. This technological innovation offers the advantage of greatly reducing cost and time associated with the creation of HMIs.

A new HMI board optimized for resolutions below VGA

The objective of this new version is to provide a new HMI board operating the exact same way and ensuring the same characteristics as SpiderGraph while being better optimized for display on a VGA resolution or below.

By removing unnecessary hardware elements for display on lower resolution, switching microprocessor and optimizing the electronics architecture, the new GraphLight offers two major advantages:
• A very important decrease of the cost compared to the original board,
• A physical size divided by two to become very compact and save space.

An innovation with a beneficial impact on the Intelligent Display

The whole range of Intelligent Displays is equipped with the SpiderGraph HMI board.
This innovation is a direct and beneficial contribution to the 4.3” graphic display module of which resolution WQVGA (480×272) is suitable for replacing the SpiderGraph HMI board by the new GraphLight. Indeed, this new board with a significantly reduced size can from now on be easily integrated into the small protective frame of the 4.3” module. Besides the overall cost of the module will also be greatly reduced.

With this GraphLight HMI board, Clairitec’s offer on small screen sizes therefore becomes more competitive in this strongly growing market. The GraphLight HMI board sold alone in standard version as well as the 4.3” and 3.5” Intelligent Displays will then be offered at a very aggressive price for an application whose resolution is lower than VGA.