What is the E-Paper HMI Board

The e-paper HMI board is a brand-new product by Clairitec®. It facilitates not only the integration of e-paper displays into a device, but also allows you to create a fully custom graphic & touchscreen user interface for your e-paper display in very short time.

Quick & easy integration

Today, you may encounter two problems when working with e-paper displays. When there is already a graphics controller integrated into the display unit, you are forced to work with a specific and often complex communication protocol of the display manufacturer. When there is no graphics controller integrated into the display unit at all, you may have to develop a custom one yourself – a time consuming task.

With the Clairitec® e-paper HMI board, you get a full solution – adapted specifically to the creation of graphic & touchscreen user interfaces – allowing you to integrate an e-paper display very quickly and easily into your device:

  • Integrated graphics controller
  • Display & touchscreen management
  • Serial connection to your mainboard (RS232, CAN2.0B, USB)

Based on Clairitec®’s proven principe

The e-paper HMI board works on the same principle as all other embedded HMI boards of Clairitec®:

  • Creation of your graphic & touchscreen user-interface with Clairitec®’s HMI software “GraphConverter”
  • Storage of your user interface in the internal memory of the HMI board
  • Control of the user interface with a provided set of commands, integrated into your main code

Technology & advantages of E-Paper displays

E-paper displays have two main advantages compared to TFT displays:

  • Zero energy consumption once a page has been loaded
  • Optimal readability for the human eye – even under full sunlight

Most e-paper displays work with small microcapsules, laying in oil liquid and containing differently charged black and white particles. Each microcapsule represents one pixel. By using an electronic impulse, either the black or the white particles of the capsule face the surface of the display. Once each particle, hence each pixel of the display, has been correctly aligned, the desired content is shown on the screen. Afterwards, no more energy is needed to maintain the particles in correct position; an electric impulse is needed only to change the particle alignment again, this means only for changing the content shown on the display.

Moreover, e-paper displays are purely reflective display models: they do not rely on energy-consuming background lighting but use the ambient light to display content on the screen. Therefore, they are perfectly readable in direct sunlight.

This technology makes e-paper displays the ideal choice for devices which are not connected to the electric current but work with batteries!

  • Portable devices
  • Electromobility
  • IoT devices with display
  • Etc.

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