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HMI software GraphConverter

HMI software: In 3 steps to your custom graphic & touchscreen user interface

The HMI software GraphConverter is a PC software program, enabling you to quickly & easily create a custom graphic & touchscreen user interface for your device and to upload it into the Clairitec panels, modules, or boards.

You first compile your graphic library, then create the different pages of your graphic user interface, and finally upload the project into the internal memory of the Clairitec products.

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Graphic library compilation

Graphic library compilation

In a first step, you compile the graphic library for your project. You select all graphic elements and text fonts which you would like to use in your future HMI, and you add them to the project.

Graphic elements

In Graph Converter, you can add any pictures and graphic objects you like!

The HMI software does not impose you a limited graphic library. This way you can create you own, truly custom graphic user interface. GraphConverter supports three picture files:

  • BMP

  • PNG (with transparence)

  • JPEG

If you want to work with fully custom graphic elements, Clairitec proposes you the creation of all graphic objects, background pictures, etc. according to your requirements. You will find more information about this graphic service here: Customized Graphic Elements.

Text fonts

With GraphConverter, you can even use your very own, custom text font style!

The HMI software supports all text fonts in the .TTF format, corresponding to the ASCII-ANSI standard. Just select the text font and add it to your project.

Graphic library compilation

Creation of HMI pages

In a second step, after having compiled your graphic library, you turn to GraphConverter’s HMI Editor. This tool allows you to create the different pages of your HMI and to place various objects on them.

  • Create the various pages of your HMI

  • Place all graphic elements on the pages

  • Add text zones

  • Add video windows

  • Define touch zones

  • Etc.

To make the creation of the HMI pages as easy and intuitive as possible for you, the HMI software contains a virtual display upon which you add all elements in drag & drop style. The position of the elements on the virtual display corresponds to the position of the elements on the actual display later on (WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get).

Graphic library compilation

Upload & test

Once you have compiled your graphic library and created the various HMI pages, you upload the entire project into the Clairitec panels, modules or boards:

  • Upload via USB cable

  • Upload via USB stick (for example to update the HMI of a unit which is already installed into a machine)

Moreover, GraphConverter gives you the possibility to get a first impression of your graphic user interface on the actual display.  With only a few clicks you can make use of the integrated test function (when your Clairitec display panel or module is connected to a PC):

  • Display all images

  • Display all text fonts

  • Display all HMI pages

Any questions ?

You will find more information about the way our HMI (+ I/O control) solution works on our website.

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