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Your partner Clairitec

More than just a supplier of HMI display (+ I/O controller) products

Clairitec accompanies you from the beginning to the end of your project. This may range from simply helping you to set up your StarterKit to the full implementation of a HMI display into your application.

Clairitec is at the same time creator, manufacturer, and engineering service provider, thus being able to support you at any level of your project.

You choose the degree of support you need!

  • Working autonomously with Clairitec’s detailed instruction manuals.

  • Profiting from Clairitec’s full technical support.

  • Taking advantage of Clairitec’s graphic & engineering services to advance faster on your project.

French-based, internationally-oriented

Clairitec is based in Mérignac, located in the south-west of France (next to the city of Bordeaux). An international team, speaking several languages, is taking care of your demands, worldwide.

Clairitec is part of the innovative group St@rtec Développement.

Innovative solutions

Since its creation in 1998, Clairitec distinguishes itself by proposing innovative graphic display solutions to meet the increasing technical and specific demands of customers. The need for efficient graphic display solutions using the latest technologies is growing for all manufacturers.

Customer satisfaction

Our approach of innovation is simple: our customers are at the heart of our dynamic; they are our engine! Our objective is to innovate by following the needs and benefits for our customers.

Our solution adds a qualitative richness to the products developed by our customers.

A wide choice

Our offer is based on innovative products and technologies but also on many services, enabling us to guide you throughout your projects.

The force of Clairitec’s offer is also based on the capacity to completely customize your products.

Agility and durability

The economic environment is constantly challenging established models.

To be and remain competitive, Clairitec demonstrates flexibility, adaptability, and speed of execution.

Customer satisfaction

Clairitec has designed an all-in-one offer to best meet your expectations regarding the development of your Human-Machine Interface.

20 years of experience

  • 2016: Relocation of the company to its new offices in order to benefit from more space, favorable for the expansion of the group.

  • 2015: Creation of the group St@rtec Developpement and integration of the companies Clairitec and Ventec BMS into this new group.

  • 2011: Clairitec receives a subsidy from the « Aquitaine Region » of €500,000 to be invested over 5 years through the implementation of a R&D innovation program.

  • 2008: Creation of a department dedicated to all aspects of HMIs. This enables us to meet all the demands of our customers, from simply providing a Software Development Kit (Starter Kit), to personalized support for their graphical and touch HMI project.

  • 2007: Now with nearly 10 years of experience, the Company decides to develop its own range of embedded HMI boards and HMI display modules to quickly & easily design graphic and touchscreen Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) on small to medium LCD screens.

  • 2006: Clairitec receives the ISO 9001 certification, which rewards excellence and continuous improvement established since the creation of the company.

  • 2003 to 2006: The realization of numerous studies and the manufacture of various industrial products, particularly in the sector of graphics controllers.

  • 2002: The Company moves to Merignac and creates a testing and conception workshop for limited series production.

  • 1998: The Company is founded as an electronic engineering research unit by Thomas Debuisser. The headquarters are located in Saint Jean d’Illac (33). Clairitec makes its first electronic studies for companies in Gironde.