Since its creation in 2007, Clairitec has constantly been offering new features to its graphic boards and its GraphConverter HMI creator PC software. In this regard, you will find below a summary of our latest innovations:

Integration of an HMI Editor into GraphConverter 3

  • Drag & drop placement of all graphic elements on the virtual display screen
  • Automatic saving of the specific coordinates of all HMI elements on the screen
  • Creation of pre-defined HMI screens (graphic pages) and their saving in the HMI board

Possibility to create text zones

  • Automatic alignment and justification of text in a text zone

GX_PutScreen” command

  •  A simple command to display a pre-defined HMI screen, designed in GraphConverter 3, with all its images,
    fonts, text zones and touch zones

Handling of .PNG images

  • Possibility to work with images containing transparent areas