A more user-friendly and more intuitive website for the HMI solution

For the beginning of this new school year, Clairitec launches its new website. As a result of several months of work, this website is intended to be more intuitive, more ergonomic, connected to social networks and more interactive with its viewers. The HMI solution developed and offered by Clairitec was meant to have the window display its success deserves. It is from now on something done since the new website as a whole is designed around this unique turnkey offer in the electronic market.

The full structure of the website has been redesigned with the single objective of making the HMI solution information easier to access for a specialized professional public (engineering & design department, buyers, specialist press…) as well as more attractive to a less-informed public (private individuals, economic press, daily regional press…). The intuitivity of the website has been rethought so as to make it compatible with all of the new digital formats such as smartphones and tablets.

The editorial content has been modified in order to improve clarity and reading fluidity. Many photographs have now appeared in this new version to easily visualize technical features of Clairitec products.

A portfolio fully dedicated to Human-Machines Interfaces (HMI)

The main innovation of this website new version lies in the portfolio which shows some examples of HMI’s designed and developed thanks to the technical know-how of Clairitec HMI boards. These examples embody the best of the graphic and innovating expertise of the company and its products. Clairitec HMI boards are now integrated into much industrial electronic equipment. Thanks to this unique offer many machines are fully directed from a touchscreen which improve ergonomics for users.

Interactivity is from now on an integral part of the website since it is easily possible to exchange ideas about the contents, comment and even share through social networks.
Have a nice visit and reading.