A new record of trade visitors set up for 2014

This year, around 27,000 visitors came from all over the world to visit the Embedded World trade fair and attend the various conferences on the embedded sector. It happens to be a true success for this event since it has set up a new record as regards of the number of visitors since its creation twelve years ago.

Clairitec keeps innovating more and more on its stand

For its first-time participation, Clairitec innovated on its stand by focusing on playful and interactive demonstrations to captivate the visitors.
On the one hand, panels to explain the way our solution functions were set up for each of our products (µModule, SpiderGraph, IronGraph and Intelligent Display) to enable an easy understanding of our HMI solution by the visitors.

The demonstration of our GraphConverter software application was well appreciated since it clearly demonstrates how easy it is to create fully-custom HMIs with our graphic boards.

On the other hand, our latest product that is to say the vandalism-resistant Intelligent Display was emphasized with a real test. The goal of the game was for the visitor to break the 6mm tempered glass touch panel with a hammer. As such, it would prove the ability of the display module to be used under extreme conditions as well as its compliance with the IK08 standard. Fixed in a transparent cube, hundreds of visitors gave it a try … without success! The shock counter displayed no less than 350 impacts after three days of exhibition… What an achievement!

Finally, an exclusive presentation video of Clairitec was broadcasted during Embedded World. You can still watch it on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6qz0mTdvQw

A round of new projects for Clairitec

Thanks to a more attractive stand and targeted communication, many visitors seized the opportunity to discover our booth and take an interest in our HMI solution. Many of them informed us about concrete projects and the fact they were looking for a cost-effective graphic display solution which would be easy and fast to implement.

These visitors with advanced technical knowledge enjoyed the attendance of several of our electronic engineers and our Technical Director in order to precisely qualify their needs and confirm the compatibility of our HMI solution with their particular project.