At the end of February, we have participated at the 2018 edition of the Embedded World trade fair, and we loved it!

Embedded World is held annually in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, and is one of the leading trade fairs for embedded technologies in the world. This year, 1.021 exhibitors from 38 countries presented their products in six exhibition halls to more than 32.000 visitors.

Our stand was located in a special exhibition area, dedicated entirely to electronic display technologies. Our entire team has taken great pleasure in talking with the industry professionals who have stopped-by. Discussing their project requirements as well as today’s and tomorrow’s technologies has been very interesting and rewarding for us!

For those who missed out, we have made a short summary of the latest products presented, accompanied by some photos of our stand.

The brand-new e-paper HMI board

This year, apart from our classic TFT display modules, we presented our brand-new HMI board for e-paper displays, the “PaperGraph”.

Thanks to a special display technology, e-paper displays do not consume any energy as long as the image displayed on the screen does not get refreshed. Moreover, e-paper displays use ambient light to display content on the screen, which makes them perfectly readable in full sunlight.

Possible application cases are:

  • Portable devices relying on batteries
  • Outdoor applications which are used in full sunlight

Naturally, the “PaperGraph” HMI board works on the same principle as all other HMI boards of Clairitec: they get connected to your main controller board via serial connection. With a provided software program and command set, you then – quickly & easily – create and steer your graphic user interface.

Capacitive touchscreens which work when covered with water

Moreover, we have also presented a special touchscreen display which is working even when covered with water.

This functionality is called “wet-finger tracking”, and it could be of use for any type of machine or device which is used in wet environments:

  • Outdoor charging stations
  • Outdoor kiosk terminals
  • Marine applications

If you would like to know more about these new products, or about our classic TFT HMI modules and HMI + I/O controllers, do not hesitate to get into contact with us!

Our pictures